University of Calabria

University of Calabria has 14 Departments which offer 78 Graduate degree Courses provided at a Bachelor and Master level, 10 PHD Schools, 27 Post Graduate Masters, 125 Research Labs, 210 Class Rooms.
The University of Calabria offers 2 Master degree courses entirely in English: Computer Science and Finance and Insurance and two Master degree courses partially in English: Modern Philology (curriculum in Italian Studies) and Management Engineering.
Every year, the Residential Centre delivers about 3800 scholarships worth a total of 13 million Euros.
All international students is offered an intensive course (80 hours) of Italian language and culture before the beginning of each semester (starting from September 2019). English language support is provided throughout several courses (e.g.: English tutors, exams in English, final papers or theses written in English). Nowadays over 700 international students, coming from 65 different countries, live on the Campus.