AEA srl is a single-member company subjected to control and coordination by Summa srl. It was founded in 1980 with the aim of providing innovative solutions to the design and development of automatic systems for testing and quality control, having the capability of specifying, designing, manufacturing and servicing the special purpose equipments that are requested for. Together with General Impianti focused on automation, telecommunication, environmental control and SUMMA focused on development and services, AEA is part of the LOCCIONI GROUP, a system of companies whose synergy can supply the world of industry with turnkey solutions.

Loccioni technological ateliers develop bespoke solutions, thus innovating processes and products in order to improve quality, comfort, and safety in many different sectors. Energy, Human care, Mobility, Industry, Environment are where Loccioni operates through automation, testing and control systems designed to help all those who produce or offer services to do it at their best.