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Welcome to version 2 of the 3rd SmartGems Newsletter. The previous issue outlined the projects progress and looked at several of the latest secondments. This Christmas issue will highlight the latest secondment achievements and give us the opportunity to look at the innovative future prospects.... 
Meet the latest secondments
The SmartGems project has seen over 25 secondments carried out over the last 6 months in countries across Europe, these secondments have been fantastic in aiding the development and implementation of the project. Let's meet the secondments and take a look at the groundbreaking work they have been doing. 
Below you can see an outline of where the secondments have been placed.
Secondments at Exergy
You can work with highly educated, motivated people who are experts in their field...
Hello Guys, I am Miltiadis Samanis from the Cyprus University of Technology, carrying out my secondment at Exergy Ltd. During my time at Exergy I worked on a specific tool used in the Galileo’s eye project. Firstly, I worked on the preliminary study about an Artificial Intelligence tool which will forecast the electricity consumption and production of buildings, this will be used in order to avoid energy waste and decrease the CO2 emissions. At the first stage I carried out bench marking activities in order to identify main competitors within the existing market and compare them to the model, from this I was able to define the advantages and disadvantages of the range of tools. At the second stage, I described how the tool has to operate to achieve the optimum savings of energy, profits and CO2 emissions. My team at Exergy were very friendly and were able to help with any issues I had. Exergy colleagues are very valuable to project completion and can face all challenges in a calm, organized way and are able to come up with smart solutions. For me, a highlight of this experience has been the opportunity to  work with a youthful team and the relaxed but focused working environment. Although meeting their high expectations was challenging at times, it was a very pleasant environment to work in. I would recommend this experience because it allows you to work with highly educated and motivated people who are experts In their fields.
Miltiadis Samanis (Cyprus University of Technology)
Secondments at The Cyprus Institute
Cyprus is a very nice destination that is full of culture...
Hello everyone, I am Giulia from AEA, Loccioni. I carried out my secondment at The Cyprus Institute from 19th February – 27th March. 

My secondment was about training activities. I learnt how the Fresnel Collector works and how to use the TRNSYS simulation software. The people I met are very accommodating, kind and experts in their fields. For sure, this experience was very exciting. Meeting other researchers is always stimulating and very interesting ideas can always arise from discussions with other people (especially if they have different background from mine). The Cyprus Institute is a great place to work and Cyprus was a very nice destination which is full of culture. This was perfect for me since I had never been there. Nicosia is a city full of culture.
Secondments at Brunel University
It is an experience of personal enrichment and allows you to work in a challenging environment...
Hey all, I am Martina from Loccioni-AEA. I carried out my secondment at Brunel University (London) from 2nd May - 30th May. 

I spent my secondment in the CSEF offices where I collaborated in particular with the PhD student Emmanuel Shittu. My secondment has been focused on the forecasting of electric consumption of the Brunel Campus. I used ARIMA and exponential smoothing models using the “similar day” approach. The team covers a large variety of energy-related themes. Which I have found is a strong collaboration between doctoral students, researchers and professors. The techniques studied showed good predictive behaviour for "regime" periods and poor performance during periods of sudden change in consumption (such as holidays). I would strongly recommend this experience because it is an experience of personal enrichment and allows you to work in an extremely challenging environment, both technically and socially.
From left to right - Professor Maria Kolokotroni (Brunel University), Emmanuel Shittu, PhD student (Brunel University), Martina Senzacqua (Loccioni), Laura Standardi (Loccioni)
Thank you for reading. Keep connected to read the final version of the newsletter in the New Year. 
Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
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