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Happy New Year,

Welcome to version 3 of the 3rd SmartGems Newsletter. The previous 'Christmas' issue outlined the projects progress and looked at several of the latest secondments. This 'New Year' issue will highlight the latest secondment achievements and give us the opportunity to look at the innovative future prospects.... 
Meet the latest secondments
The SmartGems project has seen over 25 secondments carried out over the last 6 months in countries across Europe, these secondments have been fantastic in aiding the development and implementation of the project. Let's meet the secondments and take a look at the groundbreaking work they have been doing. 
Below you can see an outline of where the secondments have been placed.
Secondments at Loccioni
It’s fulfilling and rewarding both professionally and personally...
Hello, I am Angeliki Mavrigiannaki from Technical University of Crete. I carried out my secondment at AEA Loccioni Group from 20th February – 31st March 2017. AEA is a scientific and technological hub for automation, quality control, energy and environment. My secondment was about the development of a 24h prediction model for predicting the excess production of the Loccioni micro-grid. The aim was to use a prediction of excess production so as to schedule charging of the thermal storage during weekends. This work can be continued in a following secondment for developing a charging schedule and control. During my time here I worked with a team of young professionals and everybody was very friendly and willing to help. The work is positively received in the sense that Loccioni is interested in the implementation of this approach in terms of the advanced control algorithm at microgrid level. I would absolutely recommend this experience; it’s fulfilling and rewarding both professionally and personally.

I have also attended the 2017 SEB Conference where I presented the work that was produced during my secondment in AEA.
Angeliki Mavrigiannaki presenting at the 2017 SEB Conference
It's a great opportunity for expanding personal horizons...
Hello all, I am Nikos Kampelis from Technical University of Crete. I carried out my secondment at AEA, Loccioni from 11th September – 10th October. Loccioni is a worldwide technology integrator collaborating with major players in energy, environmental and other sectors. My work in Loccioni is related to a) the development of Genetic Algorithm optimized control of HVAC systems and b) microgrid excess power storage control based on Neural Network model power predictions. The team I worked with were great at hosting us and helping in all day to day aspects related to practical issues i.e. travel to work plan management. Working alongside people with vast experience in developing real world customized top end solutions has been a magnificent experience that I would recommend, it is a great opportunity for expanding personal and professional horizons. 
From left to right, Giacomo Angione, Eric Tondelli, Dr. Martina Senzacqua, Miltiadis Samanis (CUT), Matteo Mazzanti, Dr. Cristina Cristalli (RfI Director), Dr. Daniele Massa, Giulia Lo Duca, Dr. Matteo Nisi, Dr. Stefano Collura, Dr. Lorenzo Stroppa, Nikos Kampelis (TUC), Nikos Barbaressos (UoA)
Secondments at The Cyprus Institute
It gives you the opportunity to work with individuals that have expanded our knowledge...

Hi everyone, I am Filippo Paredes from IDEA Srl. I carried out my secondment at the Cyprus Institute from 17th June – 26th July.
The Energy, Environment and Water Research Center (EEWRC) was launched in December 2007 as the first research center of The Cyprus Institute, a non-profit research and educational institution with a scientific and technological focus.

The secondment was addressed to evaluate a possible integration of solar systems in public buildings and to analyse the use of solar stills for wastewater management. The evaluation of new technologies to introduce at settlement level has been developed during the secondment period accordingly to the research program developed into Novel technology Laboratories of the Cyprus Institute and the competences matured by the seconded people of Idea Srl. During this secondment, a preliminary energetic audit was developed in order to define an appropriate solution for energy saving, integrating renewable energy systems for thermal and electric energy production. In this report, we analysed the energy consumption of Crystal Springs Beach Hotel (see image below) and considered the integration of photovoltaic and HCPV solar system on the available surfaces of the building evaluating their impact on the energetic costs. We worked with researchers of the Novel Technology Laboratories of the CYI; they actively participate in our research program. I would recommend this experience as it gives you the opportunity to get in contact with researchers and professors involved in studies that have expanded our knowledge
Crystal Spring Hotel
Secondments at Elgama-Elektronika
The experience was highly valuable...
Hello all, I am Nikos Kampelis from Technical University of Crete. I carried out my secondment at Elgama-Elektronika from 11th July – 10th August 2017. Elgama-Elektronika ltd is a leading manufacturer in smart meters in Baltic region. “The company develops and produces the whole range of devices for electricity measurement, control and management applied in residential, commercial and industrial sectors”. My secondment here involved Voltage flickering meter design for implementation is smart meters. The team i worked with in Elgama - Elektronika was structured and was carried out in an efficient way which was essential to facilitate knowledge sharing and reach research objectives. A highlight of the experience for me was the testing of the developed flicker meter design which illustrated adequate performance. However, the major challenge effectively addressed via a collaborative approach was related to the short time frame for the familiarization with the technical concepts and mathematical design process for Digital Signal Processing filter design. The experience was highly valuable as we obtained an insight and a thorough understanding of the industrial processes chain in smart energy meters design and manufacturing.
Left to right: Gediminas Kunce, Emmanuel Shittu, Nikos Kampelis
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We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2018.
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