Deliverable 2.1 

Webinars in smart and zero energy buildings: WP2 - SMART GEMS Training Activities


Deliverable 2.2

Webinars in smart grids and smart communities: Recordings


Deliverable 2.3

Webinars in integration and innovation


Deliverable 3.1

Guidelines for integrated design towards smart / zero buildings and smart grids. Report on the design phase (public version)


Deliverable 3.2

Guidelines for smart buildings and smart grids. Report on the operational phase (public version)


Deliverable 3.3

Zero energy buildings and integration with smart grids: Components, Services, Systems & Controls (public version)


Deliverable 4.1

Optimised Renewables’ Operation for Smart Grids: Monitoring and Control Strategies (public version)


Deliverable D4.2

Cost benefit analysis for polygeneration and CSP/CPV for smart communities: Infrastructure and connectivity (public version)


Deliverable 4.3

Lessons learnt from the existing smart / micro grids. Guidelines for scaling-up the existing infrastructure using mobile connectivity (public version)

Deliverable 6.2

Project Visual Design and Website